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September 24, 2012



It has been a long held and sometimes debated stereotype that Americans from the southern states care about few things more than booze, guns, and God. This exact belief (with some added racism) has played out multiple times in such series as Family Guy and The Simpsons. Fewer instance in actual history give fuel to the fire than media exploitation of the few that embody this idea... but the good state of Georgia couldn't let that fly. Throwing her hat into the ring is one Kristina Brown: who is building an indoor firing range that serves alcohol. 

Kristina and her husband own a gun shop in Acworth, GA., but recently brought plans forward to add an indoor shooting range just north of Atlanta in Powder Springs. The city council, of course, has to approve such additions to their town and supply a permit ....which they did in a 4-1 vote. The shooting range, known as The Governor's Club, is set to open in late December 2012 (just in time for Christmas).

Georgia's laws now allow anyone who has a permit for their firearm to carry their gun into a business that serves alcohol. Kristina and her husband believe that they are just "taking it a step further." 

This isn't to say that the Browns aren't entirely out of good ideas. They've already set in motion plans for anyone who orders a drink in the lounge to have their ID flagged and unable to return to the range. I do question how well this will be enforced and how the IDs will be tagged, but time will reveal the answers. 

While several residents of the town have spoken against this construction, plans are moving forward. After all, throughout the south there is a rash of bars near gun clubs and shops. What could be the harm of adding the two?

Grab a bottle and some ammo, we have arrived in the future.

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